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Why would your mom do this?

Let's face it, women like big dick. Instead of your mom living out her sexual fantasies she was busy taking care of you and dealing with your dad's inadequacies. Ask youself, which ethnicity is known for their unusual cock size and girth? African american males, of course. We let our cameras roll as your mom is getting exactly what she's always wanted... size, girth, and rock hard black dick.

What happens when your teenager gets into trouble? Momma to the rescue...

After graduating high school, teens will do some stupid shit. They're going to get into situations they can't fix. Who do they always call? Mom. "Mommy, I owe this black guy some money, if I don't pay him he's going to get really mad." That's when mom swoops in and saves the day. These MILFs do anything to help their troubled teen. If that means satisfying a random guy sexually to pay the debt then mommy is on her knees making monthly installments with her mouth. We're there to capture all of it on video, for you to enjoy.

What happens when you catch your daughter in bed with a black guy?

Do you have the "cool mom"? You know, the one that buys beer for your 19th birthday party... Everyone wants to come over to your apartment because your mama let's anything go. She doesn't even care that her 19 year old daughter has a black boyfriend. Why should she? She likes black guys too... but in her day that was "taboo". Her parents wouldn't ever think about allowing their daughter to engage in sexual intercouse with a black man. But not this mom, she's the cool one. She likes her daughter being with a big black man. She wants to be with him... she will be with him... and we'll be there to document it all in stunning 4k quality video. Thanks mom!

Momma gets what momma wants...

Move over guys... women have the power. They get what they want. Today's woman isn't going to sit home and do your laundry. They're going to live their lives. Women are divorcing their rich husbands, getting their fair share (aka "the settlement") and leaving to enjoy life. First things first, revenge. These cougars are coming back into the dating scene with experience on their side. They know what they want and they're not shy about it. Today's woman isn't going to settle for being a housewife. They're not going to settle for 70 cents for every dollar a man gets paid. They're certainly not going to settle for your average size white weiner. They need the satisfaction only a big black cock can provide. They need to be dominated by a large dark man. Revenge is best served black. Ex-husbands watch out! When they hear about all the dirty things your ex has done with a black guy, the look on your face will make her all the more willing to do it again.

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