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Member Rating: 9.52 Jessie Rogers and Janet Mason - Date Added: Friday, 09/21/2012
The bond between mother and daughter is a sacred one. Janet Mason is telling her daughter,Jessie Rogers, that Mr. Mason isn't quite cutting it in the bedroom. Janet's been having an extramarital affair and Jessie's understanding is no shock: Her boyfriend hasn't been up to par as well. It's apparent that mother and daughter have gone off the reservation in order to fulfill the needs that come with womanhood. Janet's new fuck buddy, Lexington Steele, is already on his way and Jessie's about to meet her new potential father....but other things are on the menu. Janet and Lex inform Jessie that an upgrade to big black cock will do way more good than any sessions of family therapy or getting another white boyfriend. Once at ease, Jessie Rogers and Janet Mason throw caution to the wind and begin playing with Lex while Mr. Mason is slaving away at his office. Jessie and Janet both take turns sucking off Lex and we're front row to a mother showing her daughter the power of interracial sex. Jessie Rogers is the first of these white sluts to jump on Lex's huge black cock and it shows that courtesy to her mother takes a back seat to hunger for black meat. Lexington Steele's huge black cock goes from Jessie's pussy and right into her mother, Janet Mason's. The black cock hungry cougar feels the same black cock that was just inside the apple of her eyes. Lex slams into both white sluts and the worried face from earlier disappears from Jessie's face. Janet's grin is an indication that she's glad to have brought her daughter to the dark side. Everyone is a bit happier once Lex drops his legendary nut sauce and their family Christmas card just got a bit blacker.

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NULL Member kaies**** Said:
Jessie's legs and feet look amazing. Great scene. More kissing makes a scene even hotter.

NULL Member skall**** Said:

NULL Member MrDF1**** Said:
Any scene with Jessie Rogers will be amazing. Bring her back for Cuckold Sessions, Glory Hole or Interracial Blowbang Dogfart please. The members clearly love her going off the ratings.

NULL Member yunak**** Said:
yes , i want to do clean up for either one of them ,, he can be master just let me please eat his cum from either of them!

NULL Member lefto**** Said:
BOB needs a site dedicated to creampies, is that wrong

NULL Member mrlov**** Said:
Jessie should suck the cum off Janets pussy!

NULL Member BUDDY**** Said:

NULL Member muzik**** Said:
I know I am going to be in the minority here, but what's the point of having two women in the scene if they don't lez? Have the mother hide somewhere touching herself wishing she was getting screwed or switch between a dream sequence with the mother and reality with the daughter.

NULL Member sergi**** Said:
Jessie Rogers is one of the best!!!!! Astonishing ass!!!!! Thanks for the high heel sandal on this scene. I wanted to see Jessie on one like that. I voted 10 on this one.

NULL Member blank**** Said:
awsome if there were score higher than a ten these pictures would get them and i love the precum play more,more plus love the footjob site wish would get a handjob site to be the # 1 site bare none there are no sites were black guys are getting exclusive handjobs.

NULL Member batma**** Said:
very good

NULL Member Cucko**** Said:
Nobody takes BBC like Janet Mason. Her pussy was made for creampies. You've just got to adore a woman like that.... Get her back for another gangbang with multiple creampies...

NULL Member freec**** Said:
Yeah, blowbang Jessie!

NULL Member dlipp**** Said:
actually im dying to see Janet's pussy gaped and stretched wide open to the camera, so please gape and stretch her pussy so wide using one then two fingers from each hand inside her pussy so we can see her beautiful vagina walls with a nice closeup inside her pussy for like 3 mins each closeup, and if a speculum can be used too that would be awesome, so sometimes u gape her pussy using fingers and sometimes using speculum, please do that in every scene, thanks!!

NULL Member ptrmu**** Said:
does ne1 else want to see this?

NULL Member ptrmu**** Said:
janet should make jessie's boyfriend a cuckold with jessie then janet and jessie shopped cuckold her father

NULL Member ferva**** Said:
Alanah Rae is kitty summers, devon lee is jenny summers Please johnpersons saga

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
Jessie was hotter with real tits, the only bond between these two are the fake boobs! BUT-bring Jessie back anyway!!!

NULL Member Keasw**** Said:
Please get Jessie for a gangbang or blowbang before it's too late!

NULL Member liam2**** Said:
What was jessie thinking?!?! Fucking ruined her perfect body. It'll never be the same now but I wish she'd get them taken out. Body vandalism, someone should have stopped her, she had the perfect body. Better to have oerky small tits that awful unnatural looking big ones.

NULL Member jeter**** Said:
Please Put Janet in Cuckold Sessions again and again Give her a Creampie!! Awesome scene!!

NULL Member decad**** Said:
agreed would be great to see JM in a Gang Bang or blow bang. would luv to see her bare feet. i kuv her feet

NULL Member bp280**** Said:
Finally Jessie Rogers kicking hard on a black. I was thinking about she was that kind of girls that would not make interracial scenes. I prefer her little perky tits before. On this scene the guy could have cummed on Jessies cunt!

NULL Member iquag**** Said:
Can you un-do a boob job? Both Jessie Rogers and Rebecca Linares were PERFECT latinas and they decide to ruin themselves with fake tits!!! Shame!!! But I do love Jessie and want to see her one on one with Flash!

NULL Member pisto**** Said:
fake tits ruin scenes.

NULL Member jjone**** Said:
Great scene, would have been even better if Jessie had cleaned up mommies creampie.

NULL Member decad**** Said:
two amazing whores. i luv their feet

NULL Member ritch**** Said:
please more with Janet Mason. Wow she gets better with age. Would love to see her in another gangbang or blowbang scene please. Love her bare legs in heels. face and masive tits. Thanks

NULL Member LangD**** Said:
Two pairs of absolutely horrible fake tits. Was the surgeon blind?

NULL Member rioma**** Said:
ruined herself with those stupid fake tits. she wasn't meant to have tits. just beautiful face and great ass. wtf

NULL Member juno6**** Said:
This mother/daughter series is the best! There have been some incredible scenes in this series but this one is the best of all of them! In my opinion, Janet Mason is the sexiest, most beautiful and seductive of all adult entertainers. She loves black cock and you can tell she loves watching huge black cocks enter her and other women, in this case,Jessie! Jessie has a geat body and she also appears to love interracial sex! I hope Janet follows up with more scenes! And maybe a part 2 with Jessie!!!

NULL Member fucco**** Said:
Too bad it was not Jessie taking the creampie.

NULL Member aloha**** Said:
Amazing. Destined to be a classic

NULL Member TBone**** Said:
janet mason looks so different, not digging it

NULL Member gtv14**** Said:
Now this is HOT - liked everything about it - like I've said before you either make "Mediocre" or great material !

NULL Member iluvz**** Said:
Both of these sets of modified tits look like shit.

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