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Erica Lauren is already in a horrible mood as she slaves away in her office. While Erica is crunching numbers, her daughter, Allie James, is showing Rio Strong some of her newest cheers. Allie's absent father is the reason Erica had to come get Allie from the park and the sight of Rico Strong oogling her daughter is enough to send Erica Lauren over the edge. Rico's smooth verbal skills eventually win Erica over and her marital vows are about to get tested. At the office Erica doesn't realize that her long legs are enticing Rico to the point where he's taking out his frustration on her daughter. Erica opens up to Rico about her negleted pussy and Allie's face turns beet red from the blushing. Mother and daughter share a special experience as both take turns sucking on Rico's gigantic black cock. Despite the generation gap, both white sluts treat that big black cock to a double blow job that nearly makes Rico erupt like a black volcano. Allie James' pussy is the first to feel the wrath of Rico's black missle as she slides down on his cock like a fire station pole. Erica looks on as the apple of her eye gets 10 inches of black meat that she's to enjoy soon. Allie's barely developed body grinds and fucks Rico into near submission as mom watches. Erica soon feels that same black cock inside the same place that housed Allie for nine months. The juices coming from her pussy give Rico's big, black cock a shiny look as both whores continue to attack it. The term"like mother, like daughter" rings true when both bend over and get reamed doggystyle by Rico's black dick of delight. Balls slapping against each clit brings mother and daughter closer and a family reunion will be awkward. Why? Allie James' uterus explodes after Rico shoots several streams og jizz inside her. Erica Lauren is going to be one hot grandmother.

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Member dgzjc**** Said:
Always hot for Erica! Call me Erica!

Member rring**** Said:
perfect. If you want somethinge else. go to another gaping site Daugheter and mommies deeserve their own site.

Member etter**** Said:
FOR FUCK SAKE..START SOME REAL-PORN ON THIS SITE !! THIS IS FUCKING ORDINARY PLAIN-DULL-SEX!!Get some porn;Anal.Gaping ass & cunts,cumloads in face asslicking etc.!!You got the hirls & the dicks ! just pay them enough they are WHORES !!

Member redgu**** Said:
great scene

Member mdpoi**** Said:
It would've been incredible if Mom cleaned up.

Member anico**** Said:
Mom is wonderful in stockings. Mom and grannies fucking youngs BBC are the best in porn. Hope to watch her again.

Member selot**** Said:
Erica Lauren fits perfect to a working mature mom with the dress code and stockings and her shy attitude at the beginning is amazing

Member josh3**** Said:
that dudes vein in the dick needs medical attention, thats gross

Member BUDDY**** Said:
How about creating a site with Mandingo, Charlie Mac or Chilli Chills with more Moms and Cougars?

Member CMoos**** Said:
bout time for 2 or more black cocks for mom n daughter isnt it?

Member jackn**** Said:
Erica does a great job as Mom here-sex ed at its best!

Member nodsi**** Said:
This is what Real Men do, take dat white pussy from young to mature - breed 'em good like superior men do.

Member hhhen**** Said:
Was exciting to see Allie James. Please have Shane creampie her! Rico cums shot weak.

Member juno6**** Said:
Erica is one hot sexy cougar! Love these mother - daughter movies!

Member uva19**** Said:
Any scene with Allie James is excellent!! She is a perfect blonde for this. No tatoos;flawless skin;real white;shapely;beautiful!!

Member fucco**** Said:
Excellent. Thank You. More creampie scenes please!!!

Member hvitp**** Said:
Allie is ├╝berhot, but that old lady doesn't look too good. Her face looks kinda strange.

Member iamse**** Said:
Allie James is still hot as ever, but holy shit Erica Lauren should not be filmed from behind! Looked like the scar from a gunshot wound on the left side of her ass.

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