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Member Rating: 9.46 Devon Lee & Pressley Carter - Date Added: Friday, 02/24/2012
Time between a mother and daughter is extremely precious. Devon Lee is pouring her heart out to her daughter, Pressley Carter, about a marriage that's on the rocks. Pressley hits back with a revelation about her love for black cock and mom isn't too pleased. The apple of her mother's eye boasts that she can "get any black man" she wants. Devon Lee and Pressley Carter soon find themselves back home and Jack Napier's day is about to get interesting. Devon Lee sucks on that big, black cock as her daughter cheers her on. After all, Pressley, although younger, has experience with interracial sex and is happy to share it with her mother. Pressley also sucks on that black schlong and her mother's spit makes it easier for that black meat to slide into her mouth. Devon Lee's passed on the genes for great tits onto her daughter and both share in dining on that massive black cock. Things could have ended at ths point, but we now have two soaking wet white girls and something's gotta be done about it. Devon Lee is first in line to get her pussy lips spread apart by Jack's beef. Pressley knows she's converted her mother to the dark side just by the screams coming from Devon Lee's mouth. Devon hasn't screamed this loud since Pressley was expelled from Sunday School, but that's another story. Pressley Carter gives her dear mother a break and offers up her pussy for a black dick injection. Devon's a milf in every sense of the word, and her daughter is a milf in training. Despite their early feuding, Devon Lee and pressley Carter make up when black jizz splashes on two generations of black cock sluts. We have a feeling that both ladies will be giggling at the dinner table while dad tries to find out why their house smells like sex......interracial sex.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member ilove**** Said:
damn his cock is a big as their forearms.

NULL Member otey3**** Said:
Devon Lee needs to to be gangbanged with all holes filled and have at least 5 black cocks jack off over her pretty milf face.

NULL Member tiger**** Said:
a wtf moment: "he's definitely bigger than dad!"

NULL Member ircuc**** Said:
This scene would have been 20x better if Pressley wasn't fucking in her uggs. #Who does that?

NULL Member ferva**** Said:
Two Hot Blondes Bet On Big Black Cocks , the devon lee is jenny summers and kagney linn is kitty summers , please ???

NULL Member dodoi**** Said:
Devon Lee fucks as a goddess. Shes' amazing.

NULL Member donpe**** Said:
jack, shane my favs

NULL Member Nandi**** Said:
More mother daughter bullshit, bring back the son watching!

NULL Member kagne**** Said:
Devon Lee does a slow fuck like no one else. She truly loves to be fucked by big black cock. She is the ultimate CC (couger cunt).

NULL Member manlo**** Said:
Devon lee on blacks on blondes whit 3 cocks

NULL Member manlo**** Said:
more of devon lee

NULL Member BUDDY**** Said:
Devon Lee is the perfect cougar/milf. I would love to see her matched against Charlie Mac or Chilli Chills.

NULL Member Micko**** Said:
Really Nice Scene!!! One of the best this year!! I think Pressley Carter did a great job as the daughter and and thats was no acting when she was amzed over Jack Napiers foot long trouser snake! And Devon Lee is an awesome cougar!! Thanx Dog Fart!! And please ues Jack Napier in every Daughter & Mum scene...

NULL Member The21**** Said:
I didn't like the fact that Pressley Carter kept her boots on. Not very attractive. However I love the mother daughter scenes. I was pleased to see one where the mother isn't to old for my enjoyment. I loved watching the mother and daughter both take a load together on there faces and not in there mouths. One of my favorite aspects was when Jack was feeling Devon up and Devon grabbed his dick and put it in her daughters face. That was incredibly sexy. Great work Dogfart I look forward to seeing more scenes like this.

NULL Member juno6**** Said:
Devon Lee is incredibly sexy, curvaceous and gorgeous! Her breasts, legs (both her thighs and calves!!!) and ass are just magnificent. And her face is beautiful. She has been in countless, torrid interracial scenes and she is simply the best. More Devon Lee....please!!!!

NULL Member Ttk42**** Said:
Awesome. Just Awesome.

NULL Member egger**** Said:
btw....the girl that played the daughter is a loser. Not that good looking and she's scared to say the word "Dick". Big Black Penis? Wtf is that?

NULL Member penet**** Said:
This scene was hot hot hot Mom and daughter have very nice asses and wanted to get fucked hard. This scene had me so hard I could have hit a baseball with my dick...

NULL Member j3rk1**** Said:
I think Pressley is gorgeous.

NULL Member spike**** Said:
God damn it, I buy my membership and wait 6 freaking weeks for the new WMMGB scene (never likedd this site until the format change) AND 2 VIDEOS IN A ROW WITHOUT CREAMPIE I want to watch some hot mother daughter dual breeding, Comon DF what are you doing!

NULL Member TBone**** Said:
devon is hot daughter is ugly

NULL Member joest**** Said:
The mom feeding her daughter his cock is fucking hot!

NULL Member tiger**** Said:
I loooooove Devon Lee - Great work, I thought she stopped doing IR!!!

NULL Member briot**** Said:
devon lee should be a dogfart mainstay

NULL Member egger**** Said:
the girls love Jacks big black cock!

NULL Member zzhug**** Said:
Hottest mother/daughter combo yet. The mom's curvy body is amazing.

NULL Member ironm**** Said:
I have to say your work is either Excellent or marginal - TG this was a great shoot with excellent talent x3.

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