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My son's criminal ways ruined an evening I had planned with a gossip magazine. I was deep into the latest Hollywood scandal when my son was being roughed up as he got back home. "Some black man", as he put it, was owed a lot of money and my little boy was avoiding him like the plague. It turns out that this man's name was Jack Napier and would mutilate my angel from head to toe if momma didn't intervene. Since I'm on a fixed budget the only thing I could think of was to get down and dirty with Jack as my boy watched. Why would I do this? First, it would make my boy go legit. Second, and most importantly, I'd get my fill of big black dick that all the other moms just rage about! Jack said my boy owed him 12 big but would settle if I sucked and fucked his big 12 inches of black beef. My son sat and looked on in agony as his dear mother stuffed down as much of that black cock as she could. My fat tits kept hitting my chin as my uterus took a nonstop pounding from Jack's huge salami. My son never knew that I was into interracial sex and the look on his pale white face said it all. I was in heaven as my mouth would suck off the pussy juices that went along with getting obliterated by black cock. I don't think my tiny pussy will ever be the the way it was. The same can be said for my little boy.After all, he was front row when his mommy got to drink from the black hose, and sucked down Jack Juice.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member lovec**** Said:
Hell this is one of the most sexy milf I ever seen...

NULL Member rring**** Said:
Give us a sight for white mommies and their daughters. That is the way is real life.

NULL Member rring**** Said:
There should be no white boys on this sight, just their sisters and their mothers

NULL Member gsh20**** Said:
looks like my mom! My mom is divorced and I heard her one time talking to a girlfriend over the phone{talking about guys} and she said she HATES LITTLE DICK LOSERS!. It really shocked me to the core!!

NULL Member ohmes**** Said:
Darla is a gorgeous ginger milf/couager etc her titties are bad looking but everything else is good , wish she would do a scene with jada fire

NULL Member anico**** Said:
It would be pleasant to watch her in stockings & garters. Old ladies doping young BBG is wonderful.

NULL Member decon**** Said:
this it hot I like it alot It could me hard know time at all Darly it hot

NULL Member light**** Said:
I think Darla's hotter now than she ever was. And she was hot before. Still has the bedroom eyes too.

NULL Member sfour**** Said:
Darla, please please PLEASE do a cuckold scene!!!!

NULL Member ericz**** Said:
Darla went black years ago!

NULL Member nice7**** Said:
She must do a gloryhole!

NULL Member toetw**** Said:
I've been jacking off to Darla for 20 years now. Nice to finally see her going BLACK! She MUST do a cuckold scene! MUST!

NULL Member dads3**** Said:
Darla is Great More More please!!

NULL Member smith**** Said:
Darla Crane is one of the best and so very underrated

NULL Member blue2**** Said:
I think Mummy has been a slut for fucking the black cock for a while now.

NULL Member jayto**** Said:
tits are gross

NULL Member snowl**** Said:
Nut nibbler, good titty fuck and a swallower - I'm in!

NULL Member bigda**** Said:
Mom should tease Sonny boy afterwards, with her mouth

NULL Member sixst**** Said:
Hairy, hung, black. The three things I enjoy most. Add the humiliation and you have a winner. Look at his hairy chest & legs. Love his big low-hangers. He is what I look for on the DL if you catch my drift. Next time make the "son" clean up some of that black nut!!

NULL Member learn**** Said:
And please more talking into the camera when she denigrates her son too please

NULL Member learn**** Said:
I would like to see more emphasis on the Mom talking to her son, finding ways to rub it in and invade is personal space. Make him say what is happening and see the Mom enjoy hurting him

NULL Member Slamm**** Said:
They should start calling him Jack B. Nimble, because Jack B. Quick! He had no problem catching that punk honkey. You can tell he's used to running from the cops! He shoulda slapped up that punk before he told/fucked his Mom! LMFAO!! Darla is pretty hot! Good video!

NULL Member juno6**** Said:
Darla has one beautiful body and with that huge black cock inside her, this is one great scene!

NULL Member y7890**** Said:
Darla is still hot! I wish she would have been wearing her black patent pumps.

NULL Member jvbee**** Said:
she is the best....great scene!!!hope she will do InterracialBlowbang too!

NULL Member Micko**** Said:
Darla Crane and Jack Napier is a perfect match!!!:) Watching My Mom is getting better and better all the time!! The last 2 scenes on the site are the best!!

NULL Member Sebag**** Said:
damn she got old

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