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It's refreshing that in 2012 a coach is willing to go the extra mile for his player. Coach Diesel has noticed that Rilynn Rae hasn't been performing up to par and he's confronted her on it. Rilynn breaks down and admits her infatuation with him and the flirting should have stopped right there. Rilynn feels up the coach's bulge and he loses all sense of responsibility the second she's on her knees and sucking on his huge black cock. Rilynn's mother, Carloine Pierce, momentarily breaks up the party and her anger turns into lust for the same thing her daughter has been craving-enormous black cock. Rilynn and Caroline forgo the latex barrier and feel raw black meat excavating their throats. The fun gets turned up a notch when both mother and daughter feel a black cock that's as big as the flag pole at Rilynn's school. Caroline Pierce bends over and her daughter cheers her on while her fuck box gets stuffed with a huge black cock. Rilynn's turn sees her trying to outdo her mother's reception of black cock. Rilynn Rae gets her mentor's big black cock while her mother locks lips with the black man who's having his way with her daughter. The board of education would shit their pants if they knew interracial sex was taking place on school grounds. However, the rules were tossed out the window and both white sluts are feeling the power of black cock. The tardy bell rings when the coach sprays both mother and daughter with an After school special helping of black gunk. I guess it's true; the family that enjoys black cock together, stays together.

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NULL Member reaks**** Said:
More Rilynn!! And lets see her feet too! Haven't seen one scene with them yet!

NULL Member twank**** Said:
more rilynn

NULL Member revol**** Said:
caroline is a hot milf i'd pay good money for a taste

NULL Member juno6**** Said:
Wow!!! Caroline and Rilynn make an incredible mother - daughter tag team! Caroline as a stupendous ass! And she's another veteran of interracial sex!

NULL Member lovew**** Said:
definitely more of Rilynn, more more more please.

NULL Member etter**** Said:
Up the fu..ass ladies!! Up the ass!!..or should B.O.B MAKE SURE THEY DID IT?(!)To much dull sex on the net B.O.B is a quality site for fu..sake !!

NULL Member rring**** Said:

NULL Member Parad**** Said:
Awesome scene . . .More of Rilynn please, for sure! How about the sequel scene where Shane cums in her pussy after school? Would love to see this babe get a hot creampie.

NULL Member russe**** Said:
More Rilynn please !!! Half of Norway would add your site... ! More of her ass in cut-offs and perhaps jeans !! Out of this world sexy girl

NULL Member mhwth**** Said:
More Caroline Pierce the sexiest ass ever

NULL Member Genes**** Said:
more of caroline. she is hot.

NULL Member k9may**** Said:
Keep the girls, if they want to watch a fag watching his girl get fucked go to the cuckold site.

NULL Member penet**** Said:
Rilynn is hot and a great ass. I loved the shorts shit it was nice and the mom was great...loved this scene..

NULL Member russe**** Said:
more of Rilynn please. She is so hot !! What a nice butt.... Knocked me out in those cut-offs.... More !!!!

NULL Member Dirrt**** Said:
I agree with Nandi. More scenes with guy's mom going black please!!!

NULL Member Nandi**** Said:
Yeah, this is bullshit, before it was so unique having the dude watch HIS mom go black, now it's just another FFM

NULL Member diese**** Said:
Rilynn is extremely turned on in this scene... Panties were wet... Pussy was creaming before she even got fucked. And Caroline is my type of woman... white girl with a big juicy booty! great scene

NULL Member juno6**** Said:
Caroline Pierce is SO sexy and exquisite! She has an incrdible ass! She is a veteran of interracial sex and nobody does it better!

NULL Member pablo**** Said:
love the site, loved the scene, but over a month between scenes is far to long to wait..make it weekly!!

NULL Member dodoi**** Said:
Amazing scene! Rilynn Rae is so hot and freak, I love her! 1 on 1 with Mandingo please!!

NULL Member thenu**** Said:
Amazing. Rilynn is definitely gonna be a favorite around here, I can tell. She's a trooper.

NULL Member jockb**** Said:
Get Rilynn back so Shane can give her the full Diesel treatment. She's a bbc slut now, so she needs to be treated like one, and Shane's the nigga to do it. No one's better at treating these young white girls like the sluts they are. It's time for Shane to either get his own Dogfart site or a series of vids called "Shane Breeds White Pussy." So hot watching Shane unload in a white girl's pussy and tell her she's gonna have his black baby. Face it, these sluts want it.

NULL Member BUDDY**** Said:

NULL Member alex1**** Said:
Fuck, fuck, fuck, Rilynn is EPIC! 1-on-1 with Jason Brown or Mandingo plz. Jenni Lee + Sensi Pearl would be the PERFECT scene

NULL Member ninoc**** Said:
They Got What They Deserve !

NULL Member k9may**** Said:
Bring back Rilynn in a 1 on 1, no Jack or Shane, creampie or other bullshit money shot!

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