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I was at work and surprise overcame me when my son came into my office. I thought he came to suprise his momma but knew something wasn't kosher when he came in with an angry African American fellow. He told me that my little boy scratched his car with the skateboard his grandmother gave him for his 18th birthday. I was scared that this scary black man would harm my little man and would do anything to prevent that..........ANYTHING! We came to the agreement that my cravings for a big black cock would be satisfied right there as long as my boy watched so he's learn his lesson. I had a feeling he's be packing a huge black dick but nothing could prepare me with the third leg he had in his pants. I did all I could to open my mouth wide enough to take him all in while my little boy bitched and moaned about what his mommy was doing. After all, I was doing this for his own well being and for my sexual satisfaction. A look of relief swept over his face as I took that black dick out of my mouth but that was only temporary as I was bent over and treated to a mighty black dick which went balls deep. The slapping of his sack against my clit just made me wetter even though my only son wasn't even a foot away. He had to sit and take his medicine. The same tits that breast fed him as a child were now shaking violently as I sat on a black dick which made my pussy airtight. I sucked, stroked, and fucked that black cock until it sprayed my face with creamy goodness. I don't care anymore if my boy gets in trouble as long as he keeps bringing momma back some more black cocks so I can bail his ass out with mine!

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Member Micko**** Said:
Alia Janine and her Tits are AWESOME!!! Such A Good Scene!!! The Tittyfuck is The Best I ever seen!!! Bring her back with a busty Daughter and Mandingo for a new scene thanks!!=)

Member golfe**** Said:
Bring her back with Rico or Wesley maybe pair her up with Haley Cummings and both those brothas in one scene !

Member rutge**** Said:
should be nastier, more trash talking and disrepecting these bitches like a brotha is owed that pussy !

Member ray12**** Said:
two niggas to suck on those TITS and choke this bitch

Member yardm**** Said:
BEST SCENE EVER!!!! Love this bitches huge tits gota bring her back... Maybe taking Shane and Jack.

Member nelso**** Said:
Alias tits are just perfect for a grown woman.Why isn't she back with a daughter?? Bribg those tits back.

Member tkbt1**** Said:
PLEASE bring here back for a mom and daughter scene.

Member tkbt1**** Said:
PLEASE bring here back for a mom and daughter scene.

Member thibo**** Said:
fucking awesome too bad he didnt come inside alia

Member nasty**** Said:
Nice scene. I would love to tit fuck Alia's beautiful big natural breasts. Her breasts look like they would feel amazing wrapped around my cock.

Member komba**** Said:
need more of alia

Member Micko**** Said:
Such a Great scene!!!

Member Huffc**** Said:
Jack at his best, the chick is hot as hell, too. love the nasty talk...scenes like this make WMMGB the best of all these sites (well, maybe second to cuck sessions)

Member pablo**** Said:
I'm sure she'd like to be gangfucked in BlacksOnBlondes or InterracialBlowbang!! Want to see that shit. Make it happen!

Member marti**** Said:
good mama!!

Member snowl**** Said:
Best titty fuck I've seen!

Member chick**** Said:
I agree with six some non physical humiliation would be a great touch

Member meggy**** Said:
Like Darla Crane and Julian Ann...Alia Janine is one really sexy bytch...and we need MORE like her..PLEASE!

Member sixst**** Said:
The son needs to be bent over the desk and bitch slapped. Then the black guy needs to make him smell his manhood. No taste. No penetration. Just the down & dirty humiliation we all had to go thru with our Moms.

Member Micko**** Said:
Alia Janine @ last a real sexy MILF!!! What a Woman, what a body!!! Love her Natural Juggs!!!:) Could be the best tittyfuck I ever seen in Porn!!! And Good Chemistry with Mr Napier who delivers as usual!!! One of the best scenes on the BOB site ever!!!

Member meggy**** Said:
Alia Janine is super hot...Let's see much more of her..please????

Member lurke**** Said:
The way the kid is looking at the black guy, he might want to go on 'Blacks On Boys.'

Member lurke**** Said:
Watching My Mom Go Black is awesome. Watching My Daughter Go Black is even more awesome. When are you guys gonna do Watching My Wife Go Black? Or Watching My Bride Go Black? Lots of us would love to see that!

Member bebeb**** Said:
I love Alia...I love how big her eyes get when she sucks that black cock. She really looks like she enjoys getting her brains fucked.

Member blkbr**** Said:
This was good. I'm not a Jack fan but he did his thing on here!Is it possible that dudes can cream pie in these mothers?

Member y7890**** Said:
Alia is incredibly beautiful!!! Nice to see a lady wearing decent shoes for a change, but she wasn't wearing them in the movie. BUMMER! Alia needs to be InterracialBlowbanged every day!

Member skall**** Said:
Alia was so exciting to watch...She's GORGEOUS. What terrific BREASTS & NIPPLES. Her pussy is fantastic!!! What great FUCKING!!!

Member thepu**** Said:
I love that she got so close to her son. She even touched his leg at one point. Should do more of that - really get in the son's personal space while getting fucked.

Member SealK**** Said:
I rated it 10! Fantastic scene! And where did you find that pretty ass white boy? Now that he saw his mom go black, he needs a cuckold session from her girlfriend! And her mom also should put a chastity belt on her husband and give him a cuckold session as well! And a Interracial Blowbang too for Miss Janine!

Member Roone**** Said:
You have to have her back for more! Either BOB or Interracial Blowbang would be a hot set. Put her on every site that's relevant!

Member WrekG**** Said:
Great scene. Alia is beautiful. She has an amazing body. Would love to see her in a gangbang or in an anal scene. Anything just bring her back.

Member boxke**** Said:
Bring this lady back for more, blacks and blonds, blacks on cougars whatever, just bring her back.

Member Sebag**** Said:
bring this pig back for the full treatment on Interracial Blowbang and BoB

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